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Tiffany & Christian
August 23, 2003

It all began, as these things tend to, once upon a time... There was a charming young boy named Christian who one day stumbled upon a shy young girl named Tiffany, outside the elevator at work. She found him to be funny and kind hearted, and he found her to be witty and even kinder hearted! From that point on and over the course of several months (and numerous air hockey games), Christian and Tiffany inevitably stepped up their newfound friendship and chose to embark on their first official date together on June 29th 2001.

Ever since then their love for each other has been straight out of a fairytale. Both their families recognized that their children had found someone really special and embraced their relationship. This was very important to them because they are both close to their families. As they continued to create new memories and partake in countless adventures over the next 18 months, one day Christian finally felt it was time to propose. They both had already discussed the prospect of marriage with excitement and eager anticipation, so it was really only a matter of time. For Christian to be ready, all the pieces had to be in place, and most importantly he wanted Shawn and Gordon (Tiffany's parents) to give their blessing.

Christian gathered up enough courage to approach them and ask for permission to marry Tiffany on January 28th 2003 and of course they were much honored. But he wanted it kept secret because he thought one of the little Bailey's might give it away to Tiffany one day before he had the chance to act. As he was leaving the home of Tiffany's parents, he suddenly heard screams coming from the house and he knew that the secret was already out! Oh well - they only had to hold on until February 14th. On that day, Christian had secretly pre-arranged for them both to leave work a little early so they could take a trip back in time to relive their first official date. But Tiffany did not know this yet; it was done in the style of a scavenger hunt with homemade fortune cookies that revealed clues of the next location. They revisited the tennis court where they had their first match, they drank tea at a local Starbucks where glances were exchanged and stories of their childhood were shared, they stopped by the video rental store and picked up the first movie they saw together (Save the Last Dance), followed by dinner at Rikki Rikki.

Afterward, Christian asked Tiffany to go for a walk along the waterfront where a mutual good friend (Bridget) had set up an array of candles, music and roses on the dock of Marsh Park in downtown Kirkland. There they had their first dance together (yes, it was their first dance) and Tiffany opened up a final silver fortune cookie that read, "Will you marry me." As she was reading it, Christian got down on bended knee and had the ring ready to present in a lit box.












Tiffany said "yes," and they had their second dance! Bridget was video taping the whole thing too! Well, Christian and Tiffany set the big date for 6 months later to be wed in the beautiful backyard at the home of Shawn & Gordon. A lot of hard work went into making this day just right, but as you can see, the wedding was nothing short of enchanting...

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