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Diane & Eric

Erik and Diane met through mutual friends, Laurie Colman and George Thornton. It is being said that Laurie will go straight to heaven for introducing them.

Erik and Diane's paths first crossed in August of 1998, but it wasn't until April 2001 that they first spoke at Diane's housewarming party. In August of 2001 they had their first date at the Woodland Park Zoo, and in anticipation of Diane's upcoming trip to Ireland, Erik took her to Kells Irish Pub for dinner.

For both Erik and Diane, a pivotal moment in their relationship came about because of the events on September 11, 2001. Diane was stuck in Ireland. Erik was at home, waiting to hear from her. A week passed, and when Diane finally returned home, she found a note taped to her front door from Erik. Leaving a note was the only way Erik could reach out to her. Diane knew right then that Erik was truly something special.



The fun dates and adventures continued, and their love for each other grew as each day passed.

On September 16, 2002, Erik got up the courage to ask Diane's parents (David and Patty) for her hand in marriage. He had to ask ahead of time, because they were heading off on a cruise. Unfortunately for Patty, she had to keep it a secret, because Diane did not know that Erik was going to propose! Patty did a great job not spilling the beans until dinner on the cruise ship, when she had everyone join in on an (anticipatory) toast.

On September 21, 2002, Cort, a friend of Erik's, flew up from California to be by Erik's side. They led Diane to believe that Cort was up in Seattle to celebrate his birthday. So, the three of them dressed up and strolled Pike Place Market on a beautiful sunny evening. Along the way, they picked up Erik's mom (Mari-Ann) and the four of them had drinks at Fisherman's Restaurant on the pier, and watched the sun set.


But the evening was just beginning. Cort, Erik and Diane proceeded on to have dinner at the Space Needle. It was a wonderful dinner filled with laughter, friendship and stories. (Not to mention all sorts of comments that were flying over Diane's head! She still had no clue as to what was going on!) As dinner drew to a close, Cort excused himself for the remainder of the evening. That is when Erik suggested that they go to Gasworks Park.

At Gasworks Park, with the full harvest moon shining brightly off of Lake Union, Erik got down on bended knee and said:

"It was a year ago, in this very spot, after spending a wonderful evening with family and friends that I confessed my love for you for the first time. I couldn't think of a better way, than after having spent a wonderful evening with family and friends, to ask you to be my wife. Will you marry me"?



.....And on June 7, 2003 they wed, and began the rest of their lives together.....
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