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Photos With Santa

Lee Johnson Chevrolet Mazda
11845 NE 85th Street

Kirkland WA 98034
(SE Corner of I405 and NE 85th Street)

Date & Times
Friday November 23rd, 9am - 12.30pm

Tips for good Santa Photographs
Friday November 23rd
9.00am (8 open)
9.30am (8 open)
10.00 am (1 open)
10.30am (8 open)
11.00am (8 open)
11.30am (8 open)
12.00pm (8 open)
12.30pm (8 open)
9.00am (0 open)
9.30am (0 open)
10.00am (0 open)
10.30am (0 open)
11.00am (0 open)
11.30am (0 open)
12.00pm (0 open)
12.30pm (0 open)





A) Parents come dressed to be in the photograph with your children. Many children are scared of Santa and will not sit on his lap, go near him, or will cry the whole time with out a parent with them. So plan to be in the photograph and we will have Santa stand behind the chair so your children will not be scared.

B) We can get a more natural smile from your children if you do not tell them to make sure they smile when they are having their picture taken. Most of the time they try to hard to smile, that they end up with a false smile on their face and not the natural smile that you are used to.

C) Some of the best photographs can be where they are looking up at Santa, or even a photo with your child crying on Santa's lap. When you look back at those photographs they usually end up being the most precious ones.
Walk ins are welcome (Photographs are taken subject to availability)
Canned Food Drive for Food Bank
Bring in 4 cans or more of food and recieve an additional sheet of 4 wallets with package
Photography Packages
(A) Event Special $75.00
2 - 5x7s, 2 - 3x5s, 8 - wallets
Low res. image for web (e-mailed)
(C) $47.00
3 - 5x7s
(E) $37.00
1 - 8x10
(G) $80.00
Hi Res image (e-mailed)
(B) $55.00
2 - 5x7s
8 - wallets
(D) $38.00
1- 5x7,
4 - wallets

(F) $29.00
1 - 5x7
Additional items with purchase of above package
Low res. image for web (e-mailed) $12.00
1-8x10 $15.00
1 - 5x7 $10.00
2 -3x5s $10.00
4 - wallets $10.00